Magazine for diabolo pellets in .22 (5,5 mm) caliber, with a drum capacity of 5 shots. The magazine stably sits on the breech, while providing easy handling from right sides. The assembly of the magazine does not require any changes in the breech block, just put on it. It can be easily slide right to be loaded with pellets. Dedicated to SMK Artemis / Kandar breech with an original magazine and without an original magazine. This magazine is very gentle on pellets.

- Rotating Cartridge
Precise manual movement with ease that gives an excellent control over the rotation speed and prevents the pellets from bouncing off after landing in the port.

- Drum with Profiled Points

Profiled points provide comfortable rotation even when wearing gloves.

- Flat design: The low overall height (18 mm) allows mounting with optics on medium mounting (minimum 18,5 mm in height).

- White Numbering for Accurate Pellet Countdown
You will always know how many pellets are left without taking your eyes off the sights.

Color: matt black

Weight: 17.6 g

Materials: PA

Length: 22 mm

Height: 18 mm

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Magazine for SMK Artemis PR900W/ CR600W / Kandar CP1 airgun in caliber .22 (5,5 mm)

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