This pellets holder is a feeder for pellets, helping to provide the pellet right into its place, with a 5 diabolo lead pellets in cal 0.22 (5.5 mm), easily rotated by hand, each 1/6 precisely indexed by a strong spring ball.

This magazine is very gentle on pellets.

Features of Type 2: smaller, shorter, no additional assembly needed. Suitable when you have more than one airgun.

- Rotating Cartridge
Precise movement with ease that gives an excellent control over the rotation speed and prevents the pellets from bouncing off after landing in the port.

- Drum with Profiled Points

Profiled points provide comfortable rotation even when wearing gloves.

- Shortest on The Market
Low height allows for mounting with optics on low/medium clamps (height: 18 mm).

- Comfortable Magnetic Latch
Simple handling, easy to put on and remove, sits very stable.

- White Numbering for Accurate Pellet Countdown
You will always know how many pellets are left without taking your eyes off the sights.

Included: removable pellet holder, user manual and an Allen key.

Materials: PA (pellet holder)

Due to the difficult shape of Crosman's breech the magazine has been extensively tested in cooperation with various pellets.
The magazine works great with long pellets, with a flat head, with a pellets with the center of gravity in the middle or on the back side. Short pellets with a heavy and rounded head may have a tendency to land incorrectly and jam.
For the best use, it is recommended to select the best pellets and the right loading position.


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Pellet Magazine for Crossman 2250 and Benjamin Maximus with Crosman Steel Breech in .22 cal Type 2

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