Weaver RIS 22 mm Rail curved 42 degree  with mounting to 11 mm "dovetail" rail

The rail is tilted 42 degrees to the right, which allows for the installation of an additional open sights or collimator sight (Red Dot), next to the main sight.
Properly selected tilt angle and distance from the main rail enable an intuitive view of the additional aiming system.
The selection of the position of the additional rail in relation to the rifle's top rail takes into account:

- the lifting of the line of sight caused by the rotation of the entire system,

- the average height of the aiming line of optical sights and collimators,

- the position of the control turrets from the optics

- and the position of the barrel axis in most airguns.

The flat surface of the additional rail remains at right angles to the radius from the barrel axis.

The small height of the mounting part to the top rail, which is 12 mm, allows you to place this rail under the scopes on low mounts.

Weight: 31 grams

Length: 40 mm

Overall width: 56 mm

Height above main rail 11mm: 12mm

Number of rail gates: 3

Material: PLA

Weaver RIS 22 mm Rail curved 42 degree with mounting to 11 mm "dovetail" rail

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