Insert with a traditional front sight and an 11 mm rail for GAMO CFX air rifle

It is a classic, rectangular front sight that perfectly matches the proportions of the oryginal rectangular rear sight in the Gamo CFX air rifle.

The front sight is similar in height to the factoryone.

Due to its own width of 2.2 mm, the front sight gives a sufficiently wide light inside the cut of the factory CFX's rear sight,

This gives the ability to both accurately rip and control instruments against the target, as well as maintain decent clarity with a less illuminated target.

The light on each side of this sight is about 2/3 the width of the gap in rear sight (photo in the gallery).

The rail in front of the sight is standard 11 mm dovetail.

The rail allows you to mount a custom front sight, e.g. a tunnel front sight, in place of a factory front sight.

The 11 mm rail, when fitted to the Gamo CFX muzzle device, is positioned 0.5 mm below the RRR rail, which is factory-mounted on the standard 11 mm air rifle rail.

The insert has a standard 11 mm rail, but it is possible to order an insert with a 9 mm and 13 mm rail, as well as with threaded holes.

This front sight in this offer is 2.2 mm wide. You can order a bow tie with a width of 2.6 mm. Then please provide the relevant information in the form, after asking the seller, before buying.

USEFUL INFORMATION: This front sight offered at this auction does not work with the factory CFX rear sight WITHOUT sticking or painting the optical fibers black in the rear sight.

Weight: 4.5 grams

Length: 31 mm

Overall width: 14.7

Fitting to: Gamo CFX factory muzzle break

Additional top rail: 11 mm dovetail rail, 11.1 mm wide

Height relative to RRR main rail 11 mm on airgun: -0.5 mm

Material: PLA

Insert with a traditional front sight and an 11 mm rail for GAMO CFX air rifle

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