Top 22mm RIS rail for the M11 Ingram & G11 Well replica

The rail consists of 1 RIS rail placed on the top, at the back of the replica.

The rail fits perfectly to the body of the Well replica G11 replica (WEL-02-019758) and the M11 Ingram Action Sport Games / KWA (ASG 16165).

It is mounted by sliding it over the body and locking it with locking screws.

After putting it on, it is stable and durable.

It allows to mount a collimator sight.

After the rail is attached to the body of reciver, the rail housing does not cover the original front sight and the sight gap, allowing them to be used.

Additionally, there is a groove in the upper surface of the RIS rail that gives a view of the rear sight.

The rear sight remains visible also with the collimator on.

You do not need any modifications to the replica to mount the rail.

The rail is very light and durable.

It allows to conveniently operate the latch of the folding stock.

Allen key included.

Length: 49 mm

Width: 37 mm (45 mm lower mount)

Overall height: 69 mm

Height above the replica slide: 13.1 mm

Weight: 28.6 g

Number of RIS rails: 1

RIS rail lengths: 49mm (4 slots)

Material: PLA

Top 22mm RIS rail for the M11 Ingram & G11 Well replica

  • Brand: SJC PRODUKT
  • Product Code: M11 m2
  • Availability: 11
  • 89.00zł

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