22 mm RIS rail reducing the recoil effect with mounting to 11 mm rail

The rail, when mounted on a standard 11 mm rail in the air rifle, reduces the shock caused by the recoil in the spring air rifle, transmitted through the mounts to the optical scope.

The rail structure absorbs 40% to 55% of the air rifle's recoil energy, reducing the shock transmitted to the telescope by about half (depending on the weight of the telescope).

This allows a longer service life of budget riflescopes on airguns with a power <17 J.

The RIS rail is mounted on an 11 mm rail in the airgun by clamping 6 mounting screws.

There is a worm screw on the rear section of the RIS rail that acts as a stopper if the rifle does not have an external stopper.

This rail model was tested for 7 months on popular and vicious airguns with energy between 14 and 16 J.

This RIS rail model does not completely protect the telescope from damage. Its task is to strongly reduce shock.

For spring air rifles, it is best to use scopes from reputable manufacturers for air rifles. Cheap, market spotting scopes, and especially inexpensive scopes designed for airsoft guns, do not give any guarantee, even on spring airguns with medium / low muzzle energy.

During the operation of this RIS rail, there is a relationship between the mass of the telescope and the level of shock reduction.

Due to greater inertia, heavier scopes force a greater reduction of shock than light scopes.

Length: 125 mm

Height: 16mm (from 11mm rail to the middle of the RIS rail)

Width: 25.5 mm

Distance between centers of RIS gates: 103 mm

Weight: 56.6 g

Material: PLA

22 mm RIS rail reducing the recoil effect with mounting to 11 mm rail

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