RIS 22 mm rail for WALTHER LGM 2 air rifle

RIS 22 mm rail mounted on the slide and on the barrel cover of the WALTHER LGM 2 air rifle.

The rail allows you to mount an optical sight on the carbine.

The mounting of the rail is delicate for the surfaces in the Walther LGM 2 air rifle.

This model of RIS rail consists of two separate mounts, which form the basis for a 140 mm aluminum RIS rail.

After mounting the mount on the air rifle breech and barrel cover, a stable base for optical sights of any weight and size is created.

Mounting the RIS 22 rail to the Walther LGM 2 rifle has important features for which it was designed:

1. Allows the mounting of an optical sight on the Walther LGM 2 air rifle. As oryginaly, it is difficult.

2. No modification of the breech block is required to mount the sight. The carabiner remains in the factory condition.

3. The mounting of the rail 22 is very delicate to the surface of the carabiner. It does not leave any scratches or abrasions.

The axis of the 22 mm rail is shifted by 10 mm to the left in relation to the axis of the breech and barrel, which makes it possible to attach a scope with sighting turrets of any size.

The result of shifting the telescope axis 10 mm to the left in relation to the breech, the aiming point shifting to the right in relation to the hit point is exactly 1 mm for every meter of distance to the target.

Otherwise, after mounting the 10mm scope to the left of the barrel axis and zeroing it on the target, the airgun will hit a punt.

If you increase the distance by 2 meters, the pellet will hit 2 mm to the right.

Accordingly, if you change the distance by 5 meters, the shot will hit the right by 5 mm.

In some operating conditions, an additional permanent aiming point correction is acceptable, in order to obtain the possibility of mounting the scope on the Walther LGM 2 lock without any permanent modification and damage to the slide surface.

The air rifle remains factory.

The position of the 22 mm rail allows for the installation of scopes of any power and size, while maintaining the optimal distance between the eyepiece and the cheek pad.

The mounting of the 22 mm rail is compatible with a 7-round magazine.

The set includes two mountings for the lock and cover, a 140 mm aluminum RIS rail and three hex keys.

Weight: 120 grams

Length: 142 mm

Maximum width: 36 (+4) mm

RIS rail distance from the breehc surface: 24.5 mm

Mounting to: 11 mm rail / barrel cover

Number of rail slots: 12

Distance of outermost RIS slot: 110 mm (slot centers, CTC)

Distance of the last extreme rear RIS rail gate to the rear end of the lock with the assembly retracted to the maximum: 65 mm

(This dimension allows you to measure the position of the scopes eyepiece, taking into account the position of the center of the last slot in relation to the bolt and the possible mounting position on the scope itself)

Material: PLA (mounts); Aluminum (RIS rail)

RIS 22 mm rail for WALTHER LGM 2 air rifle

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