RIS 22 mm rail for WALTHER Lever Action

The RIS rail assembly is mounted on the Walther 1894 breech by clamping two side planes, covered with a thin layer of rubber on the tangent side, and an additional bracket screwed to the right side of the lock body.

The mounting is designed in such a way as not to leave any traces on the body of the Walther Lever Action 1894 slide, and at the same time to provide a stable and rigid base for the optical sight, with easy and quick assembly and disassembly.

The RIS rail mounting is available in solid black and silver-black.

In order to choose a color, please let us know in the form during the purchase.

On the left side of the rail mounting, there is an additional magnetic catch to hold the Saddle Ring in place so that the circle does not scratch the body.

Color: black / matt silver

Weight: 42 g

Materials: PLA (mounting base), ALU (RIS rail)

Length: 90 mm

RIS rail length: 124mm

RIS 22 mm rail for WALTHER Lever Action

  • Brand: SJC PRODUKT
  • Product Code: 22LA
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  • 295.00zł

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